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This book does not only have financial guidance from the author’s biggest audience response shows on Bloomberg Radio and television, but also includes health and lifestyle (pet nutrition; gardening; babies’ potties) guidance. In 1998 Ms. Steiner was the first to elucidate on the extended lifespan which places burdens upon the individual in all facets of one’s life which rarely existed before, and everything that one does to improve oneself is not work but necessary effort. It takes effort to stay healthy and happy into one’s 80s and beyond, and every little improvement in any aspect of one’s life contributes to that goal.

In “MYBYBLE... FOR THE EXTENDED LIFESPAN,” Ms. Steiner presents easy, understandable, and useful information on many topics, all under one cover. It is a valuable reference tool to which the reader may refer  many times over the years. There is information in this book that is almost impossible to unearth through traditional research channels, yet it is critical to the well-being of any individual at different stages of one’s lifetime. Readers will enhance their lives with the information they can find in this guide, regardless of their gender or age.

“MYBYBLE... FOR THE EXTENDED LIFESPAN” has information that can enable readers to take control of their lives, letting them discover natural ways of coping and enjoying the extended lifespan.